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Prime Gulf International (UK) Ltd identifies that health and safety take precedence over commercial and operational requirements. H.S.E is apriority on all our vessels and our crewmembers are carefully selected to meet the particular requirements of individual ships. In fulfilling its health and safety responsibilities, we are committed to ensuring that:

  • Safeguards against all identifiable risks are established;

  • All personal are competent and suitably qualified and adequate training has been provided;

  • Safety and environmental management skills of personnel ashore and on board are continuously improvised, including contingency planning and emergency preparedness;

  • The policy and objectives are implemented and maintained at all levels, both shore based and at sea and are reviewed for continuing suitability;

  • Crew and contractors identifying any shortcomings in health and safety activities or environment, report this to their line manager.

Our vessels operate in accordance with the ISM Code (International Safety Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention). P.G.I has received a Document of Compliance issued under the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of life at sea.

The Company’s Management is dedicated to managing the QHSE issues as a vital part of our business concerns, as stated in the above policy.
This policy is implemented through the Company’s QHSE Management System Database which all employees are required to comply to. Employees must not, by act or omission, knowingly endanger themselves or their colleagues and are expected to take full responsibility for their actions.

“No Incidents, No accidents and No damage to Environment"
- Our goal and motto in shipping terms and it is what we strive for.

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